Why Installing A High Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Unit Makes Sense In Charleston

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Why Installing A High Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Unit Makes Sense In Charleston

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Charleston SC

With temperatures rising here in the Lowcountry, also rising are the number of homeowners and property management companies requesting new air conditioning installations.

For many of those homeowners, property managers or building owners, knowing the best A/C unit for your particular house or building can be a challenge.

For many years it was just acceptable to install a system that “does the job”. However, simply getting a system that only “does the job” is just not adequate these days with so many better options available, thanks to continuously improving technology in the HVAC industry.

Advancements in Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency

Among those advancements for A/C units is seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. Basically, SEER is a rating system for how efficient an air conditioning (or heating) unit is over a particular cooling season (or heating season).

In plain terms, an air conditioner with a high SEER rating will use less energy to keep your home or business at a desired temperature versus a system that has a low SEER rating.

To give you an idea of how SEER ratings range, here’s a relative idea of what to expect from you system based on the rating:

  • Low Efficiency: SEER 13 and below
  • Medium Efficiency: SEER 14 – 17
  • High Efficiency: SEER 18 and above

Now, as one would expect, higher efficiency air conditioning units come with added cost, but the following two points show why this added cost makes sense in Charleston.

High Efficiency Energy Savings Air Conditioning Charleston

Charleston’s Cooling Season Is Long

Like most of the United States’ southeastern states, South Carolina fights off extreme heat and humidity for much of the year. Most cooling seasons begin early in the spring and can go deep into the fall.

When you install a high efficiency A/C unit, you will experience energy savings each month of the cooling season versus lower efficient models.

So that means that states that have longer cooling seasons have homeowers and business owners that get faster returns on their initial investments when they install a top-tier efficiency A/C unit versus states that have short cooling seasons.

Energy Company Rebates

Also many of the area’s energy companies, like SCE&G have energy rebate programs for installing higher efficiency air conditioners and getting ductwork improvements as well.

Check with your current energy provider for installation specifics for energy rebates in your area.

High Efficient A/C Units Are Ecofriendly

Not only does using less energy lower your energy bills, but it also lowers your carbon footprint on the environment. If you’re like many homeonwers here in the Lowcountry, reducing greenhouse gasses and lowering carbon emissions is important, so installing a high efficient air conditioning is one way you can help your home become more eco-friendly.

Better, More Quiet Performance

High efficiency A/C units also have other advancements such as variable speed operation (like Trane’s XV20i) that keep your home from experiencing temperature swings and operate much quieter than lower efficient models.

We’re seeing more and more homeowners and business owners opting for high efficient models for many of the reasons stated above — if you have any questions or comments about high energy efficient air conditioning in Charleston, feel free to let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay is the founder and owner of Carolina Climate Control. With over 10 years experience in the HVAC industry, he’s committed to providing better, more affordable HVAC services for Charleston and the Lowcountry.