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What To Do When Your Home’s Heater Isn’t Working Properly

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What To Do When Your Home’s Heater Isn’t Working Properly

Heater Not Working In Charleston, SC

With December now upon us here in the Lowcountry, lower temperatures mean your furnace or heat pump will be working extensively to make sure your family stays warm and comfortable this winter.

Your home’s heating system most likely doesn’t run very often here in the Lowcountry, so there’s a good chance that it may be ignored/overlooked when it comes time for maintenance and upkeep. This means that breakdowns or poor operation can often occur.

So what can you do if your furnace isn’t heating properly… or at all? Here are few things you can look at that might get you back up and running:

Check Your Thermostat

Occasionally with heating issues, your home’s thermostat(s) may be the source of your chilly home. If it’s not working properly then your furnace won’t kick on when it’s supposed to. Also, make sure your thermostat setting is on “HEAT” mode (as opposed to “COOL” mode), to make sure your thermostat is sending the right directions to your home’s HVAC system.

If you’re really worried about your home’s thermostat, especially if you have an analog one, here are some reasons why upgrading to a new digital thermostat can not only manage your home’s temperature better, but also potentially save you money on your electrical bill.

Check Your Fuse/Breaker Box

Even if your heating system uses gas, it still uses electricity to push the air around in your home’s ductwork, so double check your breaker box to make sure the fuse/breaker for your heating system is on.

Have A Gas Furnace? Check Your Pilot Light

If your gas furnace isn’t starting up correctly, there’s a chance the pilot light has gone out or is not working properly. Depending on the make/model of your gas furnace, follow the manufacturers instructions on how to relight it or, as you’ll see below, contact your HVAC company.

Check Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters can wreak havoc on your home’s HVAC system, especially if they’re heavily clogged with dirt/debris. Your heater’s blower has to work much harder to push air through a dirty air filter, so this can not only shorten the lifespan of your system, it can also drive your energy bills up as it has to draw more electricity while it works harder.

Contact Your Local HVAC Company

If you’ve gone through the points above and your heater still isn’t properly heating your home, it’s most likely time for you to contact an HVAC company near you to have them do a thorough diagnostic. They may even be able to head-off potential large breakdowns with their inspection and could end up saving you thousands down the road, just with a simple checkup.

Even though your heater doesn’t see the spotlight much here in Charleston, you may get a chilly reminder of its presence if it’s not working properly. Following the steps above, though, can ensure your furnace will keep up with the cooler temperatures ahead.

Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay is the founder and owner of Carolina Climate Control. With over 14 years experience in the HVAC industry, he’s committed to providing better, more affordable HVAC services for Charleston and the Lowcountry.

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