Choosing The Best HVAC System for Your Business In Charleston

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Choosing The Best HVAC System for Your Business In Charleston

Choosing The Best Commercial HVAC Charleston SC

Living and running a business here in Charleston means having to live and work in some of the most hot and humid temperatures in the nation.

While staying cool and taking care of your residential HVAC system can be simple enough with a few easy tips, what can you do to ensure your business is comfortable for your clients, customers and staff?

To understand the importance of having a proper, reliable HVAC system for your business, imagine yourself out on a hot summer day here in the Lowcountry and you dip into a local restaurant, retail shop or other local business to escape the heat for awhile.

However, instead of getting some relief from the hot and humidity, the business’ commercial air conditioning system is either down or not working correctly.

How quickly would you decide not to eat or shop at that business?

For most people, we’d guess pretty quickly.

So in saying that, if you run or own a business here in Charleston here are a few things to consider when deciding on an HVAC system for your business.

Understand Your Space

Just as with homes in Charleston, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach for equipping businesses and buildings with proper HVAC systems for their space. Different businesses have different heating/cooling requirements as well.

Knowing things like how many rooms/areas you need to cover and how large those areas are will help you and your HVAC contractor decide one of the most crucial factors with commercial HVAC: capacity.

Having and undersized or oversized air conditioning and heating system for your business area will result in either a system that just can’t cool your area or one that will “short-cycle” and constantly run.

Both of these scenarios (undersized or oversized) will result in increased energy bills each month — something no business wishes to budget for.

Understand Your Flow of Customers/Clients

Knowing how many customers or clients you expect to keep comfortable during your operating hours can be another crucial factor to consider with your HVAC system.

Remember that the human body typically runs at 98.6° F — sometimes warmer during especially hot days. Each person that is at your business or enters your building increases the temperature of the area they’re in by roughly that amount.

If you expect a lot of people to be inside — and stay — inside your business during the day, your system will most likely be running a lot more than in your lower populated areas so having an efficient system is a must in this scenario.

Understand Your Employee’s Comfort Levels & Productivity

If you don’t work with or have a lot of customers/clients coming in/out of your business, but instead only have your staff to consider, make sure and understand that your office or building’s temperature can seriously affect their productivity if not handled properly.

If your office is too hot or too cold (or too humid), it can be an unwanted distraction for your employees.

According to many sources optimal productivity occurs if your office stays around 71° F. Obviously this will vary depending on the uniqueness of your staff’s comfort requirements, so it’s always good to get a staff consensus before choosing a set temperature for your office.

Work With An Experienced Commercial HVAC Contractor

Being tied up with HVAC questions and issues probably wasn’t part of your business plan when you sought out setting up your business in Charleston, so aligning yourself with a reliable, experienced commercial HVAC company will definitely help alleviate this burden from your already busy business activities.

Hiring a proper commercial heating and air company means they will help you with all of the above listed items as well as knowing right away what the best system will be for your particular business, building and other business requirements.

They will also be able to provide you with a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan that helps ensure your business stays cool & comfortable no matter the season.

All-in-all, making sure your business is a comfortable place for everyone who interacts with it is an essential ingredient for success anywhere you might be running your business. By reviewing the items listed above or by contacting a local HVAC company for any questions, you’ll be able to take that off of your list of things to do for your Charleston business.

Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay is the founder and owner of Carolina Climate Control. With over 14 years experience in the HVAC industry, he’s committed to providing better, more affordable HVAC services for Charleston and the Lowcountry.