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How To Get An Air Conditioning Replacement In Charleston In 4 Easy Steps

AC Replacement Process In Charleston SC

Our air conditioner can help us stay cool and comfortable in our homes during a hot summer day. But like all appliances, they don’t last forever.


When they are not properly maintained or installed, however, your AC may stop working. It may also lose its efficiency, especially when it’s an old unit.


In those cases, you’ll need to start the process to get an AC replacement ASAP.


How To Get An AC Replacement


Air conditioning replacement is an easy 4-step process. Simply follow these steps for replacing your AC in Charleston.


1. Identify Current System (Type, Make/Model)


The first thing you need to do is determine the type of unit you have and its make and model. If you have the all-in-one system, where everything is in one unit, you have a package unit.


The split type system has the condensing unit outside of your home, and the furnace, blower, and evaporator coil are usually located in the attic or a crawlspace.


You can determine the unit’s make, model, and age by looking at the manufacturer’s label. It’s easy to spot as you can find them in the unit self. It should be easy to identify the make as they normally have a logo placed. You can also easily determine the model as it will be indicated on the label.


As soon as you have this info, get in touch with a professional to help you with the air conditioning replacement.


2. Contact HVAC Companies To Help Evaluate Replacement System


For AC replacement Charleston, it’s important to call a reliable HVAC company to help you evaluate your replacement system.

They will do a thorough inspection of your unit and whether or not you need repair or replacement. If you have an old unit that’s no longer that efficient, the HVAC company may advise you to get a replacement instead.


3. Choose The Best HVAC Company


There are several things to consider in choosing the best HVAC company for your AC replacement. First, you need to know that their technicians are licensed to work with HVAC replacements, repairs and maintenance. It’s best if they are also NATE certified to ensure that they have the skills to perform AC replacements.


As much as possible, choose an HVAC company with professional and experienced technicians. If possible, read online reviews or ask your friends and family if they have worked with the HVAC company. Ask if they had a positive experience with them.


It’s also important to choose a company that offers excellent customer service. Ensure that they know how to treat their customers well. Most importantly, choose a local HVAC company to make it easier for you to just call them or visit them.


4. Sit Back, Let Them Do The Work


The last step is just to leave the rest to the local, professional HVAC company you end up choosing!


Never DIY AC Replacement


Some homeowners may decide to do their own AC replacement or hire an inexperienced technician to help them with AC replacement to save money. We recommend that you never do this to avoid installation problems down the road.


A DIY video or a how-to article can only do so much. When you encounter a problem, it may not be able to provide you with the right resolution. As a result, you may end up with even more costly problems when you decide to it yourself.


When it comes to replacement, repairs, or maintenance, it’s always best to hire a reliable, professional, and licensed HVAC company to get the job done.

These professionals are equipped with the right tools and experience to help them carry out the AC replacement. They are also insured, which means that you won’t be held liable should there be accidents. In addition, when your home is damaged, the HVAC company’s liability insurance can help cover the damages.


You won’t get these benefits when you hire an unlicensed and uninsured HVAC company.


The Importance of HVAC Maintenance


HVAC maintenance can help extend the lifespan of the system and maintain its efficiency. Keep in mind that an efficient AC can also help you save more energy. Below are some of our tips to help you maintain your AC and avoid AC replacements sooner:


1. Clean or change the filters. Do this every 2 to 3 months or as necessary to get rid of dust and other contaminants that can affect the efficiency of your AC. You may need to do this frequently, especially when you have family members with asthma and other respiratory problems.


2. As much as possible, schedule regular maintenance with a professional so they can thoroughly inspect your entire system. With regular inspection or tune-up, a professional can identify potential problems and give you recommendations on alleviating these issues.


3. Ensure that you clean the AC coils and evaporator because they collect dirt over time. Debris and dirt can affect the efficiency of your system. Your system will work harder, and that usually means that it will consume more energy. More energy means higher utility bills.


4. Check the outdoor unit and make sure that it’s free from leaves, grass clippings, dirt that builds up on the unit.


Contact Carolina Climate Controls For Your Lowcountry AC Replacement


Do you need an AC replacement in Charleston? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of experienced technicians has been helping homeowners in Charleston for several years. We specialize in HVAC replacements, maintenance and repairs. Carolina Climate Controls takes pride in our commitment to provide only top-notch HVAC services in Charleston.


Customer satisfaction and exceptional customer services are our top priorities.

Contact us today to get a free ac replacement estimate.

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