5 Simple Fourth of July Tips For Staying Cool This Holiday Weekend In The Lowcountry

5 Simple Fourth of July Tips For Staying Cool This Holiday Weekend In The Lowcountry

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5 Simple Fourth of July Tips For Staying Cool This Holiday Weekend In The Lowcountry

Fourth of July 2019 Cooling Tips Charleston SC

With temperatures expected to be quite hot this Fourth of July weekend, staying cool and dry may be a difficult task especially if you have outdoor activities planned for the holiday.

Heat related illnesses are a very real threat this time of year, with the combination of increased outdoor activities and the elevated summertime heat and humidity.

Preventing these heat related issues from happening can be simple enough with proper planning and below are 5 of those easy things you can do that can help you stay cool and comfortable while the fireworks fly this weekend.

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Even if you don’t feel thirsty while you’re celebrating the holiday, be sure to keep drinking water to help ward off dehydration.

If you plan on having a few drinks or any high-sugar drinks, try to keep those at a minimum as well. Alcohol is a known diuretic, which means it increases the output of salt and fluid from your system, leaving you extra hydrated.

Don’t forget to hydrate your pets! They can experience the same kinds of heat related illnesses we do, so make sure you keep the water dish full for them this weekend as well.

2. Wear Lightweight, Light-Colored Clothing

Another must this time of year, wearing lightweight, breathable clothing helps your natural way of regulating temperature (sweating) work more efficiently.

Brighter colored clothing helps deflect the sun’s rays better as well so go with a lighter color scheme for your outfits this weekend as well.

3. Schedule Activities Early or Later In The Day

With a little planning-ahead, you can arrange for your most active events to happen earlier in the day or later in the evening.

Peak temperatures hit around mid-day so if you can avoid being out when it’s hottest, it’s a good way to escape the heat during the holiday.

4. Have Your A/C Inspected

When you’re ducking out of the outside heat into your home, it’s doubly important to make sure your system is going to be working properly this weekend.

To help ensure that it’ll keep your home cool and comfortable, be sure to schedule a maintenance inspection with your local HVAC contractor.

They’ll be able to run a few tests, check on vital components and let you know what you should consider fixing if there’s anything failing in your system.

5. Arrange For An Upgraded Air Conditioning System

This is especially important if your system is older in age, this weekend could be great time to schedule a central air conditioning replacement for your home in Charleston.

Many HVAC companies run special promos this time of year that you can take advantage of and get yourself setup for the Fourth of July and beyond.

We here at Carolina Climate Control hope you have a safe, cool and comfortable Independence Day this year and by following these tips you’ll be well on your way to doing just that.

Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay
Marshall Gay is the founder and owner of Carolina Climate Control. With over 14 years experience in the HVAC industry, he’s committed to providing better, more affordable HVAC services for Charleston and the Lowcountry.

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