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February 23, 2021
Win A Free HVAC Upgrade In Charleston Contest

Have An Ancient Air Conditioner? How To Get A Free Upgrade In 3 Easy Steps

Before we know it we’ll be well into our hot, humid season here in Lowcountry, and time is running short for the opportunity to upgrade your […]
February 16, 2021
AC repair service technician In Charleston, SC

What To Look For When Choosing An AC Repair Company In The Lowcountry

It’s a Lowcountry version of Murphy’s Law: the AC will go out on the hottest weekend of the summer. A good HVAC system gets about 12-15 good years […]
February 9, 2021
What Is A SEER Rating? (And How To Find Your System's Rating In Charleston)

How SEER Ratings Work And How To Check Your HVAC System’s Rating

That blazing Lowcountry summer will be here before you know it, bringing the steady hum of air conditioning systems with it. Because we run our AC […]
January 27, 2021
Heat Pumps vs Furnaces 2021

Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces: What You Need To Know For Your Home In Charleston

Even with our moderate winters here in Charleston compared to the rest of the US, temperatures dip down far enough where having a reliable heating system […]
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